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Night Prayer benefits

The Prophet, sallalahu alayhe wa sallam, said, “Our Lord descends every night to the lowest heaven, when only one third of the night has remained. He says, “Who would invoke Me, so that I would answer him? Who would ask Me, so that I would give him? Who would seek my forgiveness, so that I would forgive him?'” (Bukhari, Muslim).

The Prophet said, “There is an hour of the night which, no Muslim person encounters it and asks for a good thing in this life or the hereafter, but Allah grants it to him. This happens every night.” (Muslim, Ahmad).

The Prophet said, “Whenever a Muslim goes to bed in a pure state (with wudhu’), falls asleep while mentioning Allah, and then wakes up during the night, and asks Allah for anything good, He grants it to him.” (Ahmad, Abu Dawud, Ib M ajah).

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